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christian rocchi + valeria caramagno
urban planning + architecture + restoration


The Purpose of this project is to create an urban system according to the circular economy approach, through the implementation of the existing services with new activities, that can be taken as sustainable model of city for the future. The area (about 95ha) was subject to mining activities; we work with the treatment and recycling of demolition aggregates, we experiment with transformations of secondary raw materials, in continuity with the life cycle of the matter. We imagine a new environmental system with production of energy from recycling (wood chips, biogas, biomass); planting of woodland areas; research center on recovery…
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San Pietro in Montorio

San Pietro in Montorio

Pietro is here. On the Gianicolo hill, the Church of San Pietro in Montorio conceals the small and, fundamental for the history of architecture, the Bramante temple. This is a place of witness, a place that preserves memories, the passage and the hand of important architects and artists of Italian history. G. L. Bernini, Giorgio Vasari, Sebastiano Del Piombo, Baldassarre Peruzzi have made this church an iconic stage of the Renaissance. An artistic heritage of fundamental importance that requires a deep restoration after a long period of neglect.
Lecce, a university residence in the spaces of the former Carmelitani Scalzi convent

Lecce, a university residence in the spaces of the former Carmelitani Scalzi convent

The project stems from the relationship between the interest in the architectural and urban value expressed by the architecture of the former convent, which requires the necessary preservation of the spaces of great historical and cultural value, and the intervention from scratch.

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The office births and developes in Rome from 2004 as the union of the Christian Rocchi and Valeria Caramagno experiences.

The office is specialized in the restoration and the structural consolidation of historical buildings, the architectural and urban projects characterized by the particular attention to the relationship between the history and the constructive technics, with the research of compatible and suitable solutions aimed to the adaptation of the buildings to the contemporary uses, and the residential buildings.

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