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Madonna di Guadalupe Chapel in Palermo

The chapel of Nostra Signora di Guadalupe, the most exuberant of the chapels of the Church of Santa Maria Degli Angeli at La Gancia in Palermo, houses the tomb of Don Juan Lopez de Cisneros, the inquisitor killed in the secrets of the Steri “by the heretic” frà Diego la Matina in 1657, whose story was told by Sciascia in his booklet “Death of the Inquisitor”.

The differential collapse that the chapel had suffered due to the presence of water in the foundation, caused deep cracks from the foundation to the upper part of the church, causing considerable water infiltration.

The decorative apparatus was therefore in a strong state of degradation and in obvious danger of major losses. The aim was to return a jewel to the city of Palermo and to the Spanish State.

The intervention involved the restoration of the Chapel roof, the structural rehabilitation of the damaged walls through injections and plating, the consolidation and fixing of internal marbles, profound interventions of consolidation and restoration of the entire decorative apparatus, in stucco and fresco.

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Client: Private
Location: Palermo
Mission: project and realization
Date: 2009 - 2019
Role: Designer