Bastioni di Porta Nuova

This project studies the possibility of enhancing, from an architectural and economic point of view, a building in an area of Milan subject to interesting urban and building heritage transformations.

The building, until now used as offices, has a prevalent northern exposure, but it has also an internal courtyard to be enhanced and a facade towards the city that lends itself to communicate a new image designed to be attractive and redemption from a building that has long been neglected.

The work has been to understand the potential of the architectural organism, to imagine the possible transformations by obtaining parking lots in the basement, commercial areas on the ground floor and accommodation of various types for three floors in elevation.

The idea for the façade is to break with bright and precious materials and colours that proclaim a new life for this building, as is happening for the area of Milan where it is located.

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Intervention: Feasibility study for change of use and enhancement of building via Bastioni di Porta Nuova - via Solferino
Client: Private
Location: Milan
Assignment: Feasibility study - preliminary design
Date: 2017
Role: Designers

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