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Category: Urban Planning and Landscape


The Purpose of this project is to create an urban system according to the circular economy approach, through the implementation of the existing services with new activities, that can be taken as sustainable model of city for the future. The area (about 95ha) was subject to mining activities; we work with the treatment and recycling of demolition aggregates, we experiment with transformations of secondary raw materials, in continuity with the life cycle of the matter. We imagine a new environmental system with production of energy from recycling (wood chips, biogas, biomass); planting of woodland areas; research center on recovery materials technologies; productions and vineyards on land recovered from quarries; cattle and pig farming; eco-sustainable self-sustaining homes.

La Spezia waterfront

The project, that results winner of the International competition, concerns the development of the new urban waterfront in the port of La Spezia, commercial pole of the industrial area of Milan and Turin and point of entry of Florence, Pisa, Genoa and Siena.

Vado ligure waterfront

The principal purpose of the project is to create a new connection between the city and the port with a system of public spaces, to encourage an urban, economic, social and environmental development of the city.