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Category: Architecture

New San Giovanni Bosco parish complex in Bagheria (PA)

A small symbolic place of a humanity that absolutely rejects the concept of "waste" and instead extends its hand, in the profound conviction that the cultural enrichment of societies arises from confrontation and mutual knowledge, where the need to rediscover one's origins, to recognise oneself in an identity, to find areas of positive experience and hope is most relevant.

Pelagos Marine Mammal Sanctuary Interpretation Centre

First prize in the two-stage international design competition for the renovation of the building known as "Ex Galeazze" in the municipality of Portoferraio

Bastioni di Porta Nuova

Il progetto studia la possibilità di valorizzare, dal punto di vista architettonico ed economico un edifico in un’area di Milano soggetta ad interessanti trasformazioni urbane e del patrimonio edilizio. L’edificio fino ad oggi adibito ad uffici, ha un’esposizione prevalente a nord, ma ha anche una corte interna da valorizzare ed una facciata verso la città che si presta a comunicare una nuova immagine pensata per essere attrattiva e di riscatto rispetto ad un edificio che è rimasto per lungo tempo trascurato

Tiburtina 1205

A building that is thought of as the interlocking of two folded linear volumes, from whose envelope springs a garden courtyard that is the green heart of the project. The compact and material building on the street front, has large windows towards the garden, along which the office spaces stand, with natural lighting and ventilation.

Via del Caravaggio office buildings

The project intervenes with a design of the open space at the court towards the park of Tormarancia: one thinks of a soft and changeable green space that acts as a connective between the training spaces on the ground floor and the auditorium in the basement. The areas of intervention are: the external spaces, to be closed by gates, the training room, equipped with 70 seats model "parlamentino" with attached reception areas, catering room and wardrobe, and the meeting room, through the closure of colonnade on the terrace of the first floor.

Vicolo del Conte

The designed building is located on the edge of the urbanized area overlooking the Valle dei Casali Reserve. We propose two stereometric prismatic volumes covered with a brick on the urban front, dug to form terraces covered in vitreous mosaic with light shades, and open spaces towards the nature reserve. Each building has six apartments, two per floor, for a total of 24 apartments, plus an additional basement for parking.

Antiquarium Città del sole

The exceptional nature of the archaeological site discovered in the years 2010-2013 during the construction of the real estate complex called "Città del Sole", arouses great interest due to its ancient remains, so large and well preserved, covering a wide chronological period: from the prehistoric age through various phases of the republican and imperial epoch, up to the last frequentations of the area in the nineteenth century whose existence so far there was no mention. The Antiquarium project intends to create a tour for small groups of people, which can be modulated according to the story of the area and the various levels of depth that can be envisaged for the guided tour.

Domus Agricolae, Roma

The idea of the project proposes not only for the city of Rome, but for Coldiretti associates, an integrated idea: ARCHITECTURE / TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION / TRAINING / INFORMATION / EUROPEAN GRANTS. The address shared with the client towards the future of agriculture through the lens of documentation produced by FAO, which draws a broad perspective of a future for the next 40 years, and through the "Green Papers" of the European commission, which have a shorter time projection. The task assigned to agriculture is of extraordinary scope.

Palace in via Bufalini, Florence

The project investigates the possible enhancements of a historic building (original nucleus of the fourteenth century, Architecture at the end of the eighteenth century, last extension 1930) in the center of Florence. The enhancement of the building of historical value is based on its extraordinary potential, the frescoed halls, the stone stairs, the internal garden with a large terrace overlooking the Brunelleschi dome.

Building in via Beccari, Rome

The demolition of an unusable residential building and the subsequent reconstruction with the same destination and useful surface increase are assumed. The building contains apartments of different sizes in order to satisfy a wider spectrum of potential users. The external finishes and language refer to the Roman building tradition of the modern building with a curtain finish, revisited in a plastic key and updated in a contemporary language.