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Domus Agricolae, Roma

via dei Cerchi / S.Teodoro

The idea of ​​the project proposes not only for the city of Rome, but for Coldiretti associates, an integrated idea:


The address shared with the client towards the future of agriculture through the lens of documentation produced by FAO, which draws a broad perspective of a future for the next 40 years, and through the “Green Papers” of the European commission, which have a shorter time projection. The task assigned to agriculture is of extraordinary scope.

The “DOMUS AGRICOLAE” formula could be an instrument of extraordinary strategic importance: a place whose main objective is the realization of a fulcrum of excellence and avant-garde in the field of new technologies, innovations and issues relating to agriculture. A place for sharing knowledge and experiences, with specific spaces for operators in the sector (following the strategic lines developed by Coldiretti) but also with spaces aimed at teaching (projects with various schools) and communication.

In summary, a place that restores and integrates two adjoining buildings, transforming them into a complex with high energy efficiency and equipped with all the suitable spaces for the multiple activities installed to act as receiver and antenna of “best practices”; a place that helps to create a network, a network of farmers and consumers that cuts off large industrial distribution; a mix of tradition and innovation aimed at encouraging and promoting a radical change in the system.

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Client: Private
Place: Rome
Office: preliminary design
Date: 2012/2013
Role: Designers