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Palace in via Bufalini, Florence

The project investigates the possible enhancements of a historic building (original nucleus of the fourteenth century, Architecture at the end of the eighteenth century, last extension 1930) in the center of Florence. The enhancement of the building of historical value is based on its extraordinary potential, the frescoed halls, the stone stairs, the internal garden with a large terrace overlooking the Brunelleschi dome. Two procedural, use and interior architecture scenarios are outlined: a single-function solution with a single tenent that moves in the field of culture, education, training (foundation, research center, private specialized higher education); another solution with a mix of functions such as a multitenant hub that hosts boutiques, ateliers, guesthouses, wellness, mechanized multi-storey parking.

The poetic idea takes place around the garden, imagined as an Italian garden, with water that plays and a place of delights and dreams.

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Client: Private
Location: Florence
Task: Feasibility study - preliminary design
Partners: Forme Studio: arch. F. Martines and arch. C. Schiraldi
Date: 2016/2017
Role: Designers