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Antiquarium Città del sole

The exceptional nature of the archaeological site discovered in the years 2010-2013 during the construction of the real estate complex called “Città del Sole”, arouses great interest due to its ancient remains, so large and well preserved, covering a wide chronological period: from the prehistoric age through various phases of the republican and imperial epoch, up to the last frequentations of the area in the nineteenth century whose existence so far there was no mention.

The Antiquarium project intends to create a tour for small groups of people, which can be modulated according to the story of the area and the various levels of depth that can be envisaged for the guided tour.

The enhancement of the finds discovered during the excavations will complete the narrative theme of the visit. The blind wall of the antiquarium on the left for those arriving will in fact be articulated according to the existing architectural structures to house display cases whose size and will be calibrated to accommodate the succession of ancient testimonies to be exhibited. The succession of display cases marks the visitor’s journey through time to the place.

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Client: Investire sgr
Location: Rome
Mission: Final Draft
Date: 2019
Role: Archaeological area design, associated with A SISTEMA srl.