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Spanish Consulate Palace

The completed works concern the restoration of the external facades of the building that houses the Spanish Consulate in Rome. The building appears to have been rebuilt in the 1930s on a first architectural structure that seems to belong to Ferdinando Fuga, of which however every trace has been destroyed.  The restoration work started from a historical and archival study of the building, to move on to the analysis of the degradation of the building and architectural elements. This made it possible to draw up the restoration project that reaches a precise definition of the interventions to be operated and that has obtained the Nulla Osta of the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage. Following the stratigraphic analysis on the wall surfaces, all the external plasters were rebuilt, removing the pictorial and plaster layers of the walls, repairing the wall lesions and recovering the deteriorated architectural elements. A thorough review of all drainage and water disposal systems has been carried out.

The work ended with the restoration of all the decorative elements such as window frames, shields, portals, cornices.

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Client: Private
Location: Rome
Mission: project and realization
Date: 2007-2008
Role: Designer